Jourdan Hines

Acoustic, Feel Good Music, Singer-Songwriter


Born and raised on a mid-western dairy farm, Jourdan learned the importance of dedication and hard work. Applying this focus to his music, he combines positivity, philosophy, and passion to create a unique mix of originals inspired by life's lessons. Armed with an acoustic guitar and the two loves of his life by his side, Mary and their dog Jaya, this contemporary troubadour speaks from the heart and is ready to take the world on at large.

"Growing up in rural Wisconsin it was inspiring to be surrounded by beautiful countryside and wide open spaces. I spent many summer days working on the farm with my dad carrying with me nothing but a tune and a smile. Because we lived in the country there weren't really any neighborhood kids to hang out with so I often occupied my free-time singing along with the radio and writing my own songs. Many evenings you could find me on the back porch with my guitar performing for an audience of cattle as the sun set."

Come Alive

After years of playing in bands with other artists and working to help people achieve their goals, Jourdan decided it is time to set out on his own. It is time to live, create, breathe and believe. This new adventure is about putting art into the world for others to enjoy and feel inspired by. No matter where this path may lead him in the epic journey of life, Jourdan's goal is to dream big, share found truths along the way, be present, and always, without exception, keep smiling.

With gears set into motion and eager to complete his first solo release, the debut album tentatively titled "Come Alive" will be available early 2017. Keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open over the next few months as Jourdan shares a taste of what is yet to come.


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